The very first sign something was wrong

The first indication that something was wrong for me was during a holiday to Majorca about four years before he died. On this holiday, though he seemed he usual self in many ways, his personality traits seemed exaggerated. For example, my Dad had always been a very punctual person, my Mum not so. This had always been a source of conflict between them and I can remember times in my childhood when my Mum had kept my Dad waiting and he had got very stressed by this.

On this holiday his punctuality seemed to be much magnified, so much so that he started to pack to come home a couple of days before we were due to leave. Every day he got up at 6am, much to everyone's irritation (especially mine as I was sleeping in the living room). On the final day he was ready for the coach a good two hours before it was due.

In retrospect, I wish we had been more tolerant and understood these to be the first symptoms but we didn't realise.

So, for me the first signs were just that he was just as he always had been but as with early dementia (or so I believe) his personality traits became exaggerated.

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  1. There were many more early signals and I will post those as I progress through the blog...